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γ€Œ01」 I was too nervous to start a subscription on Sealed because I have a Patreon on WEB2, gladly I take a courage and decided to merge exclusive works I made since day 1 and will make a private Discord server for rewards and future perks hoping I won't get Isekai'd.

6.9 DAI / month


Currently Merging Patreon Rewards

  • Private Discord Access and Role (Soon)
  • Access to High Quality GIFS Uncensored loops GDRIVE / MEGA

γ€Œ02」 The next TIER?! I woke up with this and realized It'll help me on my adventure to settle random auctions. This will fuel me up to launch a website for everyone to enjoy my art and vision that Ive been making with my Animations with bonus future Airdrops for subscribers!

16.9 DAI / month


Subscriber's Username will be Added on Website Im launching this Q1

  • Previous Tier Rewards
  • OPTIMISM Network Drops 2D Rountable and HD MP4 Renders
  • Will help me to settle 4 Random Auctions on Sealed Marketplace to help with gas